Women Truck Driver Career Opportunities

An increasing number of women are attracted to jobs as truck drivers these days. The trucking industry is experiencing a shortage of truck drivers. Therefore, women are aware that they will have many immediate employment options upon successfully obtaining the appropriate truck driver license. There are numerous opportunities available for van drivers, box truck drivers and 18 wheeler drivers.

canstockphoto(250) woman truck driver 2649983Although the trucking industry is still predominately a man’s domain many women are not intimidated by the idea of driving a truck. As one woman said “If a man can learn how to drive trucks so can I.” That can do attitude is one reason for the increasing number of women taking on the challenge of becoming commercial truck drivers.

Truck driving schools are seeing an increase in the number of women enrolling in their institutions. Education requirements are limited. Typically, trucking companies require that drivers be high school graduates or possess a GED. The training period to become a licensed CDL driver is relatively short. Depending upon the institution, training can range from a few weeks to a few months to be trained to operate an 18 wheeler. The training period to learn how to drive a box truck or van is significantly less than that.

Female students are motivated, talented and determined to succeed. They are well aware that there are many employment opportunities available to them if they successfully complete their training and obtain the appropriate license for the type of truck they plan to drive. Trucking jobs include local and national delivery truck drivers as well as unlimited opportunities for over-the-road drivers. Consequently, women take the training seriously and work hard to overcome any challenges they may have.

The majority of truck drivers these days are men. However, as more women successfully become licensed truck drivers, their success may encourage other women to take up the challenge. As a result we will surely see more women truckers on the roads. This will surely benefit many women as well as trucking companies.

As women become more familiar with the trucking industry they will realize that there are many employment opportunities available to women in addition to truck driving jobs. This includes jobs such as dispatchers and recruiters. Trucking companies are more welcoming to women employees these days than they have been in the past.

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