Tire Blowout Semi Truck Accidents – How Trucking Lawyers Can Help

Truck tire blowouts are very serious and are often the cause of disastrous accidents. While any accident can be dangerous, those involving semi trucks can be especially catastrophic. Semi truck accidents can total the truck and take out one or more automobiles simultaneously. negatively affecting all occupants of these vehicles. These accidents often cause serious injuries and fatalities to truck drivers and other motorists on the roads. Semi truck accident lawyers can provide excellent representation in these cases.

Tire blowout also called “road gators” is often caused by defective tires. Tire blowouts can also be caused by acts of negligence. This can include the driver failing to do a proper pre-trip inspection of the truck prior to taking it on the road. It could also be due to the driver failing to properly maintain tires or defects in the manufacture of the tires.  This can make them more vulnerable to being damaged by debris on the roads or other hazardous road conditions. A Knowledgeable semi truck driver lawyer can investigate and determine if you possibly have a claim against the manufacturer. If so you should be able to receive appropriate compensation for all damages including pain and suffering.

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Single truck accidents often happen at highway speeds and can result in trucks overturning or leaving the roadway. This can result in the truck driver being seriously injured or killed. While some drivers have been able to walk away from such accidents others have been killed instantly. These drivers and their families should seek appropriate legal counsel that a qualified trucker lawyer can provide.

Tire blowouts are often attributed to acts of negligence. The air pressure and alignment of all tires should be checked on a regular basis. When the tires are not properly maintained, they become more vulnerable to being damaged by debris and other hazardous road conditions. Additional factors that can lead to a tire blowout are:

  • Overweight freight load
  • Excessive use of break pads
  • Tires manufactures with defects
  • Rain, snow or icy road conditions
  • Failure to maintain proper air pressure
  • Excessive miles being driven on the same set of tires
  • Excessive heat which can cause excess pressure in the tire
  • High air pressure which can stress a tire beyond its limits and cause a blowout
  • Running over a large sharp object can tear a large hole in the tire causing it to instantly deflate which can result in a blowout.
  • Low air pressure which can cause the tires to flex more than they are designed to do. This can cause the belts to separate which would compromise the integrity of the tires.

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Truck drivers of heavy truck accidents will be investigated and drug tested. The physical condition of the driver at the time of the crash will be investigated. Officials will need information such as whether the driver fell asleep at the wheel, suffered a heart attack, stroke or other medical condition played a part in the crash.

Their trucks may also be inspected to see if prescription drugs, over the counter drugs or their containers are present. Officials may also check for the presence of food or their containers to see if any of these played a part in the crash. Trucks may also be checked to see if items in the truck may have distracted the drivers. This can include such things as televisions, laptops, cell phones, etc.

Insurance companies and lawyers representing the injured party(s) will also need this information. Trucking attorneys that handle personal injury or wrongful death litigation involving heavy trucks should be experienced and knowledgeable about federal industry safety regulations. Those attorneys that can satisfactory present proof of damages in these serious cases can receive appropriate compensation for victims. They also vindicate truck drivers who may have been wrongfully accused of causing or contributing to the occurrence of the accidents.