Newbie Truck Driver – Life On The Road

Commercial truck drivers have a different type of life than people in other occupations. Truck driving can be a very interesting and challenging career for those willing to work hard. It involves working many long hours plus long periods of time away from home. Many drivers consider truck driving to be an adventure which allows them to travel across the country. It can also be a very lonely life unless you are driving with a friend or partner. Keeping in contact with friends and family members enables you to have social contacts and can help

Many drivers who are attracted to professional truck driving typically do so because they believe they will earn a great deal of money. The reality is that most truck drivers consider themselves to be underpaid. Others do so because they love to drive across the country. This can certainly be exciting to drivers who have not traveled very much or simply like the idea of visiting a number of locations.

Those who are considering a career as a driver should consider riding along for a week or two with a commercial truck driver. This would provide an excellent opportunity for them to experience many facets involved in becoming a truck driver. They will become familiar with how dispatchers determine their trips. This would allow you to become familiar with shipping and delivery docks. You could also learn about some of the skills you will need to be a successful truck driver.This will also allow you to experience the challenges of being on the road.

Riding along with a commercial truck driver would also allow you to experience life at truckstops. Truckstops are a truck driver’s home away from home. Of course they provide fuel for the truck plus restaurants and showers. They also have lounge areas so drivers can relax and watch TV or movies. Many truckstops also have fitness centers and walking trails so drivers can exercise. Truckstops provide opportunities for drivers to socialize with other drivers especially on weekends. Check out this excellent truckstop directory here: 2012 truckstop directory.

New truck drivers as well as perspective drivers always have plenty of questions. Talking with veteran truck drivers is also an excellent way to get more insight into what a life as a commercial truck driver might be like. You may have the opportunity to talk to other drivers when are at truckstops and perhaps even loading docks. Other drivers can give you the pros and cons of the job and how it affects their families. This would give you information from different drivers which would give you more insight into the demands of a trucking career. Armed with good information will enable you to determine if you would like to become a commercial truck driver.

A view of Dysart’s Truck Stop Diner located in Bangor Maine.

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