Employment Opportunities Working As Truck Driver Recruiters

The trucking industry is unique in that if offers a variety of jobs within the trucking industry. Truck driver recruiter jobs are one such option. This is first and foremost a sales job. If you have a pleasant personality and the desire to help others find employment opportunities that are right for them this could be the perfect job for you. There is a high turnover rate of drivers in the trucking industry so trucking companies are constantly in need of new drivers to replace those that leave.


Numerous trucking companies and some truck driving schools hire recruiters to recruit truck driver instructors. Some of these jobs are on site jobs. However, some of these jobs allow you to work from home. You typically are required to have a phone, a computer, a pleasant personality and the ability to sell applicants on the benefits of working for the specific company you represent. The pay structure will vary based upon each company. The company might pay a base salary plus commission or it could strictly pay commission only. Your job will be to get as many drivers as possible to sign up with the company or companies that you represent.

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Trucking companies are constantly on the lookout for new drivers due to a high turnover rate in the trucking industry. There are several reasons people choose to become truck drivers. Fortunately, there are a variety of different trucking jobs available within the trucking industry. The trucking industry is vital to the economy of this country. Consequently, companies are constantly seeking to hire drivers to increase their staff and to replace those drivers that retire or quit. This assures the trucking company that they will be able to meets its needs.Choosing to work as a truck driver recruiter provides an employment opportunity for drivers that know the trucking industry who want get out of the truck but still want to work in the trucking industry.


Truck drivers are a unique set of individuals. A truck driving career is not an option for many individuals. Some get into trucking because they enjoy the lifestyle. Others get into trucking as a last resort due to a lack of other viable employment opportunities available to them. Those that choose to become truck drivers come from all walk of life. They have different needs and reasons in choosing a truck driving career. They also may have different needs in terms of the type of trucking company they want to work for. Some get into trucking because they enjoy the lifestyle. Others get into trucking as a last resort due to a lack of other employment opportunities available to them. Your job would be to get the best possible match for them.

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Your job as a recruiter is to sell them on the benefits of working for the company or companies that you represent. Some recruiters are good and some are not good. Strive to be the best that you can be. This is the reason you must be knowledgeable about the company or companies you choose to represent. You should always be honest with your client. Never misrepresent the clients with statements that you know are not true. For example, don’t tell a client that they are entitled to a one month vacation after working for one year if you know that is not true. Make sure that you show that you have integrity in dealing with potential clients and always ask for referrals. If you do a good job for someone chances are they will refer others to you. You surely won’t get a referral from an individual that believes you deceived them about a company so be truthful. You will be glad will a client lets you know that they appreciate the guidance you gave them.

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