Truck Driver Job Description And Duties

Truck Drivers are very much in demand. Jobs are available in all areas of the country. The types of jobs available vary. Jobs are available for tractor/trailer drivers. These jobs are usually regional or national. Regional drivers usually serve a very limited area. They may operate withn a rradius of 200 miles or so. Longhaul drivers serve the entire country plus Canada and Mexico. Straight truck or Box truck drivers can also serve the entire country. The trucks vary in size depending upon their purpose. These jobs include working for professional moving companies, delivery companies, etc.

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Professional truck drivers operate trucks with a capacity of more than three tons to transport and deliver freight or vehicles. This would include tractor/trailer drivers and box truck drivers picking up and delivering freight to warehouses, stores or other locations. This would also include auto transport companies which transport new vehicles for shipment to dealers. It would also include vehicles owned by those wishing to have their vehicles shipped to other locations. Tow truck drivers typically transport disabled vehicles on behalf of their owners.

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Truck drivers must know how to do more than drive the truck and tractor. They must have specialized knowledge and skills in order to succeed and be successful in the trucking industry. The following list covers many of the additional things drivers will need to know.

Rules and Regulations

Truck drivers must know various state and federal rules and regulations. They should adhere to all Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) requirements. Also, drivers must know the rules of the company they work for and be familiar with company procedures involving delays, accidents or any other problems on the road.


Truck drivers must know how to operate the equipment on their trucks to safely and securely load, unload or otherwise disperse the cargo. Failure to do this can result in freight shifting during transport. It can also result in damage to the freight and possibly the trailer.

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Loading and Unloading

Truck drivers may have to assist in loading or unloading their trucks. However, tractor/trailer typically don’t have to assist in loading or unloading their trailers. These drivers often have no-touch freight which means they only have to pull up to the dock and warehouse workers will unload the freight and give them a signed bill of lading.

Bill of Lading

The bill of lading is the receipt for the delivery of the freight. It confirms that all freight listed was delivered and also notes if any of the freight arrived in good condition. Failure to do this can result in the company not be able to receive payment in a timely manner. It can also delay your payment for the load if the company withholds your salary. If payment is required upon delivery, the driver must also collect the payment.

Truck GPS

Truck drivers should have a good truck GPS unit or map so they can easily locate their destinations. Otherwise, they could lose valuable time and waste fuel.

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Truck drivers must maintain regular contact with their dispatcher. Many drivers receive their instructions through Quailcomm or some other communication system.


Truck drivers must keep good records. This means having proper documentation for all of the paperwork and communications involved in each delivery that you do. This includes log book records, receipts, pay checks, traffic tickets, and fines among other. You will need receipts if you pay tolls or other company charges with your own funds so you can be reimbursed by the company. Also, keep records of all of your pay stubs to keep track of your earnings and to make sure that you have been paid for all loads you transported.

Truck drivers bear a lot of responsibility. This includes safety on the road, keeping schedules and a host of other things. Many drivers enjoy driving and make it their career. Others decide it is not for them and move on. You must decide what is best for yourself and your family.

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