Buying New, Used & Reposessed Tow Trucks For Sale

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Tow trucks, also called recovery trucks, breakdown trucks, or even wreckers are vehicles used mainly to transport different types of motor vehicles from one location to another. Automobiles and trucks periodically break down. Tow trucks are also used to recover stranded vehicles on the road. Oftentimes, these vehicles will be transported to a repair garage or other location designated by the owner. Tow trucks are also used to remove vehicles due to parking violations or other reasons. The sight of these tow trucks may not be a pleasant one for some, but for stranded motorists they are a welcome sight.

Those with some knowledge of the tow truck business see a business opportunity. They recognize that owning tow trucks can be a good and stable source of income. Tow trucks will always be needed in situations where people have problems with their vehicles and need them towed to another destination. These business minded people often look at tow trucks for sale to learn more about the different types of trucks available.

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Tow trucks are a key capital investment used for so many road and highway hauling functions such as accidents, vehicle reposessions, etc. Emergency road service operators usually provide general towing services. This includes towing vehicles involved in collisions or breakdowns. They also tow vehicles which they intend to impound due to illegal parking, etc.

Buying repossessed tow trucks is a great way to save money on a truck. A great way to buy repossessed, seized, impounded and other used tow trucks for sale is to contact banks or finance companies that desire to sell these vehicles or to attend heavy duty truck auctions held around the country. These auction houses typically allow you to preview the vehicles a few days ahead of time so you’ll know what is available. You can also bring a mechanic to check out the vehicles if you desire. You should have cash or pre-arranged financing either through a line of credit or sufficient credit available on credit cards or other means to make the purchase.

Some of the general tow trucks (based usually on the vehicle type and size that needs towing) used anywhere these days are the following:

– This may not be designed specifically for towing, but many trucks equipped with adjustable booms are perfect for recovering stuck vehicles in ditches and embankments.

Hook and Chain – Chains looped around vehicle frames are drawn by a boom for towing. The concept was developed using the hook and chain principle which aims to produce a large and strong metal yoke fitted right under the wheels in the front or at the back. This draws a particular side of the vehicle via a pneumatic hoist so it can finally be towed.

The flatbed – Also called a Rollback/Slide, the truck’s back is fitted with a flatbed that the tow truck can incline hydraulically and have it moved to ground level for towing vehicles using a winch.

– Also known as a Repo Truck or the “Self Loader” Snatcher, think of the integrated type as both the wheel-lift and boom integrated into one unit. This is used primarily for the light duty truck setup that functions to repossess stranded vehicles, or in other cases to move vehicles parked illegally. Heavy-duty trucks also come in integrated lift systems.

Those looking at tow trucks for sale ads and flyers have many options available. Tow trucks can be found anywhere with price tags ranging from a low $10,000 which may be in decent working condition or up to $81,000 or more for brand new top of the line vehicle. Either way, interested buyers would be looking at major capital outlays. Do your research before investing in tow trucks. This involves researching different brands, models and features and prices. Look at different tow trucks for sale and compare the various features, prices and other advantages of each of them to help you to make a good decision.

Plan to use good negotiation skills in negotiating the best price for your vehicle. Cash is oftentimes king. It always helps in negotiations to have cash or financing in place when looking at vehicles. This often enables you to get a much better price or other upgrades.

Experienced individuals point out that when choosing tow trucks, a medium duty tow truck would work out best if you are just starting your own towing service rather than the more expensive heavy-duty tow trucks. Others would contend that getting a bigger and stronger truck would do much to expand your market base and would be very useful in the long run. Others believe that getting a tow truck would be very smart move.

Ultimately, you will need to decide what works best for you. Whether you choose to buy a new truck or used truck, make every effort to get the best vehicle for your money. A carefully chosen vehicle can give you many good years of service.

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