How To Become A Tow Truck Driver – Detailed Requirements

Tow truck drivers are licensed professionals who tow vehicles for various reasons. This can include vehicles which are being repossessed, wrecked, disabled, illegally parked or other reasons. Jobs may be available for both part time and full time workers. There are specific requirements drivers must meet in order to become licensed tow truck drivers.


Education requirements vary from company to company. Generally, companies want applicants to be high school graduates or pass the high school graduation equivalence test (GED). This is the preferred education requirement of many companies. However, some companies do not have any specific education requirements. You could also start your own towing service business.


The Department of Motor Vehicles in each state are in charge of driver licensing. Tow truck drivers must be at least 18 years old to operate commercial vehicles within state lines. Drivers must be at least 21 years old and obtain a commercial driver license (CDL) to be qualified to drive across state lines. The U.S. Department of Transportation requires that tow truck drivers have a CDL license for tow trucks and cargo over 26,001 pounds. However, here the rules for tow truck drivers vary from state to state. Some states require all tow truck drivers to obtain a CDL. whereas other states do not. Therefore, you will need to check the rules in your state.

Commercial Driver License Requirements

If your state requires you to obtain a CDL you must meet certain qualifications. You will need to take truck driver training. You can attend truck driving school or some other training facility. However, you must be able to pass the knowledge test and driving test. In addition to this you will need to pass a health exam and drug screening test. You may be required to have a good driving record. Also, a criminal background check may be performed. Towing companies may also require drivers to be able to lift a certain amount of weight.

Age & Health

Tow truck drivers must possess a certain level of health and fitness. In order to be issued a CDL drivers must be able to pass a Department of Transportation Medical Exam. This is a  physical exam which among other things the examiner checks blood pressure, eyes and hearing.  You must also  pass a drug screening test in order to be issued a commercial driver license.

Tow Truck Driver Certification

Tow truck drivers must obtain a Certified Tow Truck Driver Certification. Drivers can meet this requirement by taking a tow truck driver certification program authorized by their state. Some states have their own tow truck driver certification programs. National testing programs are offered by Wreckmaster Certification and Towing and Recovery Association of America.

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