Tow Truck Driver Job Description

Tow truck drivers provide emergency road services. This can be for private citizens, businesses or government agencies. Their duties include towing vehicles from one location to another. Vehicles are towed for any number of reasons including breakdowns, wrecks, police impounds, abandoned vehicles, repossessions, etc. Other duties include providing road assistance. This can include providing locksmith services for motorists locked out of their vehicles. It can also include changing tires or providing other needed assistance.


Ed-the-Tow-Truck-driver-(300)Tow truck drivers must have good communication skills in order to interact with dispatch when receiving instructions or other information. They should be pleasant, courteous and professional with customers at all times. This shows that you are proficient at doing your job. It also increases your the chances of receiving a generous tip for your services.

Road Service

Tow truck drivers are often called to provide emergency road service. You might be requested to bring a few gallons of gas for a customer. You might need to change tires or provide locksmith services when a customer has locked themselves out of their vehicle. You should be proficient at doing whatever job you are called to do well.

Towing Services

You will be required to tow vehicles for a number or reasons. You should be able to safely and securely load a vehicle onto the tow truck. You will also be expected to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of yourself, your customers as well as taking cautions to avoid injuring other motorists on the roads.

Tow truck inspection

Towing companies expect their equipment and vehicles to be safe on the roads. Many of these require the driver to do a pre-trip inspection prior to putting the tow truck in service. Some require a post-trip inspection as well at the end of the shift. Some companies with mechanics on staff may not expect the driver to do any vehicle inspection. This policy varies from company to company.

Mechanical Skills

Some tow truck companies have mechanics on staff. Others expect their drivers to take care of some repairs including maintenance. Your employer should inform  if mechanical skills are required.

Road Safety

Safety should be your first priority. You should be able to safely load and secure vehicles onto the tow truck. You are expected to follow all traffic rules and regulations. Use defensive driving techniques which enable you to anticipate and avoid dangerous situations. Defensive driving techniques allow you to make good decisions which reduce the risk of accidents.