Prevent Teen Driver Accidents With These Distracted DriverTips

The month of April is designated as Distracted Driving Awareness Month. The arrival of spring encourages people to head outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather. More outdoor events are planned and this increases the amount of traffic on the roads. It also increases the chances of accidents. Teenagers and college students are particularly at risk beginning this time of the year and continuing throughout the summer. Teenagers have more accidents than any other age group. This is the perfect time to remind young licensed drivers about safe driving techniques.

Spring brings about an increase of many events among high school students and college students that increase the risk of drunk driving accidents. Spring is the time of the year for the high school proms and graduation parties. It is also the time for major events of college students such as Spring break festivities, graduations and an overall increase in parties. These events often include drinking and possibly the use of illegal drugs.

This is the perfect time to remind your child about the dangers of drinking and driving. Also, remind them of dangers of using illegal drugs. Finally, remind them of safe driving tips. Safe driving tips include:

1. Obey the speed limit: Excess speed is estimated to cause approximately 40% of all fatal teen accidents.

2. Drive solo: Newly licensed drivers should avoid driving with passengers in the vehicle within the first 12 months of their becoming licensed drivers as passengers create distractions.

3. Avoid talking on cell phones: Talking on cell phones is a distraction that should be avoided.

4. Avoid texting: You cannot text and look at the road at the same time. It is totally unsafe and many accidents have resulted because drivers believed they could text and drive.

5. Avoid drugs and alcohol: These are well known causes of serious accidents.

5. Wear seat belts at all times. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data shows wearing a safety belt can reduce the risk of crash injuries by about 50%.

6. Learn Defensive driving techniques: Techniques taught in these classes will arm students with valuable information which can enable them to avoid accidents.

A good driving school is an excellent way to give your teenager a solid foundation in safe driving techniques. Selecting a good driving school is one of the most important decisions parents can make when their children learn to driver. The knowledge they gain during this training will guide them throughout their lives. One such school is Sears Driving School which has an excellent reputation among teenagers and parents. The primary concern of Sears Driving Schools is safety.

Teenagers should specifically be trained to know how to share the road with heavy trucks. Cars are no match with heavy trucks. Trucker Buddy International is a twenty-year old non-profit 501(©)3 company which has developed a program called Trucking Mentors.

Trucker Buddy International is a twenty-year old non-profit 501(©)3 company which has developed a new program called Trucking Mentors. Trucking Mentors work with teenagers around the country to teach them safe driving techniques with the goal of preventing accidents involving trucks.

Teenagers can be involved in dangerous and even fatal accidents involving any vehicle. This includes cars, vans, trucks and particularly tractor/trailers. As a parent, you should be sure that your child is well prepared to driver safely near all types of vehicles and in the various weather conditions.

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