Dash Cams Enable Semi Truck Accident Attorneys To Easily Prevail In Cases Of Staged Heavy Truck Accidents

Trucking attorneys are extremely effecting in defending truck drivers in cases of staged accidents. Staged accidents frequently referred to as “cash for crash” or “slam ons” are accidents deliberately caused by drivers for the purpose of collecting insurance money. Semi trucks are often targeted for these accidents. Accidents often occur when the drivers have manipulated a situation which causes them to be hit from behind. A typical situation involves a car which suddenly cuts in from of semi truck and slams their brakes. If the trucker is unable to stop in time their truck will crash into the vehicle. This is referred to as a rear-end collision. Even if that driver of the crashed vehicle deliberately caused the crash in many cases the guilt and the liability will be accessed to the truck driver. Semi truck accident attorneys which have the expertise and experience to examine these types of accidents can mount a vigorous defense.

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All motorists can be potential victims of these types of accidents and this has long been a problem with automobiles. These days heavy trucks, especially semi truck are frequently being targeted for these types of accidents. In fact the incidents with heavy trucks are reaching epidemic proportions. Trucking companies are frequently being targeted because they are believed to have deep pockets and plenty of insurance. Another common factor in these staged accidents is that there are several passengers in the vehicle which set up the crash. This allows these criminals to make claims for multiple people for often fictitious injuries. Semi truck accident attorneys are often able to prove fraud in many of these cases.

Motorists that stage crashes with heavy trucks are playing Russian roulette with their lives. Regardless of the risk people still continue to do so.Fully loaded tractor/trailers can weigh 80,000 pounds. The results of these accidents can be catastrophic and even fatal. The truck drivers can be injured in addition to the those in the crash vehicles. Heavy trucks require a much greater distance to be able to stop. If the truck driver happens to be hauling a hazardous load such as fuel the results can be catastrophic.

Defensive driving techniques have at times been successful in helping drivers avoid these types of set-ups. However, in many cases it is impossible for drivers to avoid them. As a result many innocent truck drivers have been victims of this type of scam.

Everyone has heard the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” If a picture is worth a thousand words, a dash cam video is worth much more. A dash cam video can show the entire visual history of an accident and the events leading up to it. A dash cam video is far more reliable than human eyewitnesses. The dash cam is your eyewitness to the crash and can release you from all liability in the event of an accident. Furthermore it can cause criminal charges to be made against the perpetrators of the accident. They can certainly enable a trucking attorney to prevail in court.

Truck drivers are vulnerable to these situations and should do all that they can to protect themselves from these events. Accidents affect a a truckers driving record and employability. A dash cam video can protect their careers and reputations. Dash cams enable drivers to be pro-active and prepared.