Career Options Selling And Leasing Commercial Trucks

Selling commercial trucks and tractors can provide very lucrative careers for those that enjoy selling and working with customers. This is true regardless of whether you are selling new or used trucks. A CDL is not required to be a successful salesperson. However, if you have a CDL and have actually worked in the trucking industry you already have a significant amount of knowledge about heavy trucks and the trucking industry. Therefore, if you enjoy the trucking industry but want to get out of driving trucks you might want to consider selling or leasing commercial trucks. Even if you have never worked in the trucking industry you could become knowledgeable about heavy trucks which would enable you to be able to earn a good income. Other opportunities include working as sales recruiters whereby you would seek out potential truckers and others with sales skills.


Employment qualifications will vary depending on the company you choose to work for. Experience with heavy duty truck sales or truck equipment sales may be preferred but not necessarily required.Typically you will be trained by the company that hires you which may teach you additional skills which would enable you to be a successful sales person. This training could involve teaching you how to analyze, utilize and compile prospect lists for the purpose of calling or meeting with potential customers. You may be taught how to explain to actual and potential customers information regarding the benefits of the truck or tractor they are considering purchasing or leasing. You may also be taught how to effectively present information and respond to questions from managers as well as to customers and potential customers. You may also be taught how to prepare neat, accurate reports of business transactions and well as expense accounts.

If you need help with sales skills You might consider taking a sales training course which would enable you to learn proactive sales skills. There are a number of institutions that can provide you with courses in sales training that can teach you the ins and outs of selling vehicles. Among many other things, with this type of training you will learn the importance of being proactive in your sales techniques. This could also involve information on the value of remaining in contact with your customers which could result in future sales or referrals.


Your expertise on the various makes, models, and other details of the commercial vehicles you are selling is extremely important in being able to provide customers with the best trucks or tractors that meets their needs. You should also have good listening and speaking abilities which would enable you to interact with managers as well as customers. If you enjoy working with people and are a good salesperson you can earn a good income. It is very important that you listen to your customers as they indicate what their needs are. Your customers will need information on the engine, transmission, wheelbase, etc. and most importantly they want to be assured that they are choosing the best commercial vehicles for their needs.

Selling commercial trucks can be challenging. Therefore, you should be well informed about the capabilities of the trucks or tractors you will selling. Also, be knowledgeable about the weight requirements and other restrictions that may be applicable in the regions they will be used. Each successful sale could increase your confidence and enable you to further increase your sales. It is important that you listen to what your customers needs are. This enables you to effectively direct them to those vehicles that you believe would work best for them. You also should have patience. Every customer is not necessarily going to make a purchase on their first visit. They may require more time to think through their options after all commercial trucks purchases are major investments.

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Commercial trucks are major investments for those that purchase them and they want to make the best decision possible. It is a decision that they will consider very carefully before they commit. Therefore, you must have a certain amount of patience as they think through their decision. Whenever you make a sale and the customers are satisfied by all means ask for referrals. If possible maintain a relationship with your customers for possible future sales and referrals. Your customers will know that you worked hard to meet their needs and they will thank you and possibly be repeat customers themselves.Selling commercial trucks can be difficult. Having said that, if you’re well-equipped with the right information and desire to meet your clients needs you’ll be able to find success in no time. Another tip that can increase sales is to maintain a relationship with your customer. It is important to connect with the individual to show them that they can trust you and your trucks to meet their needs. In this scenario, you can also depend on the truck buyer to be a repeat customer.


One important thing to keep in mind is that you should never pre-judge your clients. I remember a case where a man walked into a dealership and approached a salesperson and was given the cold shoulder because of his somewhat shabby appearance. That was a big mistake. A different salesman walked up to this man with the biggest smile on his face, introduced himself and offered the man his hand. They shook hands and the salesman talked to him to determine what his needs were and showed him their available tractors. Well this man turned out to be the owner of a small trucking company. He walked out of the dealership after having placed an order for ten top of the line tractors. I’m sure this salesman got a very nice commission. Hopefully, that other salesman learned a lesson that day. Remember the old saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Keep that in mind and you won’t lose sales unnecessarily.