Sears Driving School – Great Training For Teens & Adults

Teenagers look forward to the day that they will be able to drive a car. They are anxious to get their driver’s permit and eventually their driver’s license. Where the teenagers get this training will influence how they drive cars and other vehicles the rest of their lives.


Selecting a driving school is one of the most important decisions parents can make for their children. Sears is a trusted name in the industry. Sears Driving Schools are authorized by Sears. Sears Driving Schools are well respected schools in the industry which offers an exceptional driver education program for adults and teens. Each Sears Authorized Driving School is fully certified by its state to teach driving education and has completed both criminal background and driving record checks on all of it instructors.

Safety is the primary concern of Sears. Sears focuses on safety first knowing that driving is potentially risky for anyone, but especially for newly licensed trainees or drivers. Sears is dedicated to creating safe drivers through providing a quality education and experience, while keeping the learning process enjoyable. Driving cars is serious business which should not be taken lightly. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the United States.

Teenagers also need to know how to drive near heavy trucks. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, crashes account for 36% of all deaths in this age group. This is the reason that Sears puts safety first. Trucking Mentors also teach teenagers how to drive near heavy trucks.

Currently, Sears Authorized Driving Schools are available in 50 cities with more locations being added regularly. They have programs to fit the requirements of each state they operate in. They also have programs to fit the needs and various situations of the students. Sears is a reputable school which uses safe cars, teaches a state-approved curriculum and provides sufficient classroom and behind-the-wheel time.

The Sears Driving School and its administration knows that pleasing its clients is among its most prized strategic areas and why even now it still remains a trusted driving school. In addition, it recognizes the importance of having and maintaining excellent customer service. Its students, who have successfully acquired their licenses in different states, constitute their credible and non-paid endorsers who can spread the word that their Sears Driving School experience was excellent. Prospective driving students can see for themselves how its graduates have been transformed to become drivers of high calibre. They have the proper attitude and behavior to drive cars and other vehicles safely and courteously on the road. The discipline has been ingrained in them through the training they received at Sears. .

Sears has a good track record and it has retained it good image and reputation throughout the years. Sears is as a much sought after school with rates that are friendly to your budget. Its schedules are flexible in that students don’t have to have conflicts with other activities. Sears goals are to better serve their customers and accommodate as many students who want to enroll as possible.

Both adult students and teenage students can have peace of mind with the training they receive at Sears. Also, Sears continuously upgrades and enhances its driving curriculum to keep its admirable standard of ensuring that students are given the appropriate support in both their theoretical and practical training. Sears knows that students who successfully complete their training and obtain a driver’s license are able to drive cars safely and with confidence. However, equally important is that have acquired a code of conduct of road safety and courtesy. This will serve them well as they drive cars and other vehicles for years to come.

Sears Driving School knows that it exists because of you. Sears Driving School may cost somewhat more than other schools, but you don’t want to choose a school based solely price. Sears gives students excellent value for the money. Sears Authorized Driving Schools have one of the best programs in the country.