Truck Driver Salaries And Benefits

Truck driving is a hard job and as a result truck drivers are under a great deal of stress dealing with the demands of the job. They have a huge responsibility on the roads each day. Of course they must know how to operate their trucks, trailers and other equipment in a safe manner. However, they must also have sufficient mental and physical stamina to deal with the many challenges they regularly encounter on the roads. They should also have a professional truckers road atlas, a good quality GPS or both. These would enable drivers to get to their various destinations in the most efficient way. Additionally, they must be pleasant and professional when dealing with customers.

Over the road truck driver wages are based on a performance system. Trucking companies pay on what is considered a non-standard method of compensation. The majority of long-haul over the road drivers are paid based on an established rate per mile. This became the standard method of paying truck drivers in the mid 1980’s.

Trucking companies that pay based on a rate per mile basis usually pay based on loaded miles. Deadhead miles are empty miles. Trucking companies typically don’t pay any money on deadhead miles. Those that do may pay a token amount. Truck drivers that are paid a percentage of what a load costs make more money than those paid on a mile basis. However, these drivers do not get paid for deadhead miles.

New truck drivers often start off with a decent salary with opportunities for increased pay. Truck drivers will see salary increases based on experience and performance. Truck drivers may also receive extra income through sign-on bonuses which are offered by many trucking companies to attract new drivers. Drivers may also receive bonuses for various things during their employment. Trucking companies often pay additional bonuses such as safety bonuses, performance bonuses, etc. Drivers will also be qualified for more benefits based on their longevity. Consequently, their income will rise or fall in proportion to the number of miles they drive.

Many trucking companies offer very competitive benefit packages. One of the major benefits trucking companies offer for their employees is insurance. Health insurance for truck drivers is crucial for drivers and their families. Actual benefits will depend upon the policy of each company. Generally, companies will pay some although not necessarily all of the following benefits which include:

paid vacation
health insurance
dental insurance
vision insurance
life insurance
prescription drug coverage
workers’ compensation
short term disability packages
retirement program
401 (k) retirement plans
savings plans
Profit Sharing Programs

These benefits enable its workers to have a work-life balance and to have the financial capability of caring for their families which includes their health, academic, rest and recreational needs. Truck driving jobs enable many to provide very well for the needs of their families.

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