Truck Driving Careers – Refrigerated Truck Driving Jobs

Refrigerated truck driving jobs are in great demand these days. Refrigerated trucking involves transporting products in temperature controlled trailers. These trailers are also referred to as reefers.

Refrigerated trailers look almost identical to non-refrigerated trailers. However, they are equipped with refrigerated units. These units allow the driver to adjust the temperature of the trailer. The temperature of a refrigerated trailer can be adjusted based on the type of load being transported. Trailer temperatures can be adjusted from cool to frozen. This is to ensure that nothing spoils during the transport.

Hauling refrigerated freight is somewhat different from hauling generally freight. The loads can be transported in 18 wheelers and delivery trucks of various sizes. You will sit in a cab like in any other trucks. However, the trailer is different as it is a refrigerated compartment. Refrigerated cargo can be transported over thousands of miles or a few miles. The main requirement is that the cargo be kept at the correct temperature for the product being shipped.

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There are a wide variety of products shipped in refrigerated trailers. This includes refrigerated beverages such as milk, juice, beer and other alcoholic beverages. It includes frozen foods such as ice cream, meats, pizza and other frozen food products. It also includes non-food items such as flowers and prescription drugs. As you can see the range of products shipped in refrigerated trailers is very diverse.

Trucking companies that haul refrigerated freight train drivers on how to operate the refrigerated trailers. These drivers must be able to grasp the workings of the trailers before they will be allowed to drive these units.

Those that are considering careers driving refrigerated trucks may seek a variety of opinions on the matter. Like many jobs available these days there are pros and cons. Refrigerated trucking is no exception. Some factors to consider are as follows:


Pay rate – Truck drivers that haul refrigerated freight generally earn more money than those hauling non-refrigerated trailers.

Job Security – Good truck drivers that know how to haul refrigerated freight are in demand so job security is usually good.

Load Weight – Refrigerated loads are usually lighter than non-refrigerated loads. Many truck drivers like hauling refrigerated freight specifically for that reason.


Extra Monitoring – Drivers that haul refrigerated freight must check every two hours or so to make sure the refrigerated unit is working properly.

Time Management – Refrigerated loads take more time than non-refrigerated loads due to the fact that the driver must regularly check the temperature of the trailer.

Extra Trailer Inspection – Drivers must spend extra time inspecting various aspects of refrigerated trailers. This inspection is far more involved than inspecting dry van trailers.

The above issues are just some of the things that you’ll need to take into consideration when considering a career hauling refrigerated loads. There are many good companies that haul refrigerated loads. Also,  there are employment opportunities for nationwide, regional and local refrigerated truck driving jobs.

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