How Trucking Companies Recruit The Best Truck Drivers

The trucking industry like all other major industries has to attract qualified workers. Truck driver recruiters play a vital role in the recruitment of truck drivers. Truck drivers are always in demand and trucking companies want to attract sufficient numbers of qualified truck drivers to keep their trucks rolling. There are various methods that trucking companies and recruiters use to attract truck drivers.

Perhaps the best recruiting technique trucking companies use to hire new drivers is to get them straight from the institutions that are training them such as local community colleges. Recruiters regularly visit community colleges to talk to entire classes of students that are being trained to become truck drivers. This allows them to talk to groups of prospective drivers and give them information about the company they represent. They are also able to answer questions students may have. They may even get recommendations from the instructors as to which students show the most potential for success.

Trucking companies that operate their own truck driver training programs will select their drivers from students enrolled in their own training centers. The various benefits of working for the sponsoring company will naturally be emphasized.

Paid advertising is a major method used by trucking companies to recruit truck drivers. This can be through print advertisements in magazines, newspapers or other publications. It can also be through advertisements posted on the internet. While most of these are for truck driving jobs, advertisements for other positions are sometimes placed. This can be for a variety of positions such as mechanics, dispatch, customer service, etc.

Trucking companies often have special incentives to attract both newly licensed drivers and experienced drivers. Sign-on bonuses are one of the most popular methods used to attract these drivers. Newly licensed drivers may jump at the chance to receive a generous bonus for working for a particular company. However, experienced drivers may also be motivated to switch companies based on a bonus.

Recruiters are also used to attract experienced drivers. They have various methods of getting names and contact numbers of prospective truck drivers. Some of these referrals come from their current truck drivers. Recruiters hire drivers for trucking companies as well as major corporations. The recruiters are oftentimes successful in encouraging truck drivers to jump ship from one company to another.

Licensed truck drivers having successfully completed their training will find numerous employment opportunities available to them. They will also get good salaries and benefits. This is due to the fact that trucking companies will always need good drivers.

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