Truck Driver Health – How To Prevent Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common problem among truck drivers. It is often considered to be an occupational hazard. The very nature of truck driving causes drivers to put more stress on their knees than people in other occupations. Consequently, many truck drivers experience some level of pain or discomfort from activities such as walking, squatting and exiting and climbing into their cabs. Knee pain can be caused by a single acute injury. It can also be caused by repetitive motions that stress the knees over time which is often the case with truck drivers.

semi-truck-driver-and-knee-pain (250)Knee pain can sometimes be managed with medication or chiropractic treatments. Severe knee pain may be indicative of serious conditions which may require extensive medical care or even surgery. Truck drivers can also take steps to reduce the risk of knee injuries. This can include the use of specific exercises which in many cases can prevent knee pain. Even the Centers For Disease Control highly recommends the importance of regular exercise.

It is important stay active and includes a variety of exercises. This can include weight bearing exercises resistance exercises, aerobics and stretching. It is important that drivers strengthen the muscles around the knee joints. These muscles decrease stress on the knees and can protect you from injury. Muscle strengthening exercises that support the knee (quads, hamstrings, calf) helps to build core strength. Good core strength improves overall stability of the body which could possibly reduce the risks of injury.

It is important to warm up and do stretches prior to starting any exercise. It is important to stretch the muscles that support your knees. Stretching the muscles in the front and back of your thighs will decrease tension on your tendons. This will relieve pressure on the knees. Don’t suddenly change the intensity of your exercise. Become familiar with your own body as not all exercises are appropriate for everyone. Consult with your health practitioner for the correct way you should exercise.

Maintain the correct weight for your height. Excess weight can increase stress on your knees and increases your chances of developing osteoarthritis. Excess weight also increases pain or discomfort in the knees. Excess weight increases the likelihood that knee problems will develop. Excess weight is a problem because it adds strain to knee joints. Excess weight also increases the level of fat in the body which decreases muscle strength. This results in the development of weak knee muscles and can lead to the development of knee osteoarthritis. The muscles are known to become weaker as body weight increases. Drivers that loose excess weight also decrease their risk of developing arthritis in the knees.

Proper Shoes: It is important to wear good sensible shoes that fit well. Pick comfortable shoes that provide some support. These will help you to maintain proper leg alignment and balance as you walk around truckstops or other places. This will also prevent knee injuries.

This post is for informational purposes only. As each person is different you are advised to check with your health practitioner prior to doing any exercises to make sure they are right for you to do. Please consult with a professional who can help create an exercise program for you based on your specific needs. This is especially important if you already have a knee injury and you are trying to strengthen your knees.

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