Truck Driver Health – How To Prevent Back Pain

Truck driving is a profession in which many truck drivers suffer with back pain and/or back injuries at some point during their careers. The long hours spent behind the wheel plus the constant automotive vibrations of the truck are factors in the development of back problems. Sometimes these problems are treated surgically. Other treatments involve medications or chiropractic treatments. They may also be treated with various types of physical therapy.

Back problems are painful and can make performing even simple tasks painful. Furthermore, you must be especially careful to avoid further injuring your back. Back problems have resulted in many truckers loosing time off from work and eventually giving up their jobs. A prudent course of action is to prevent back problems if possible.

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Seat Adjustment: This is crucial considering the long hours spent behind the wheel each day. Taking care to properly adjust the seat in a position which gives you the most comfort can significantly reduce the amount of stress and strain on your back. You don’t have to keep your seat in the same position throughout the day. Simply adjust as needed. Also, consider investing in a seat cushion or other back support which may provide additional support and enable you to have a more comfortable ride.

Proper Mattress:
A good mattress is important to provide proper support for the back during sleep. Unfortunately, many drivers work for carriers that provide a basic mattress which do not provide any back support. If you have your own truck by all means consider getting the best quality mattress that you can get. You might even consider getting a good orthopedically designed mattress for your truck.

back pain life correctly (150)2530501831_f6e47fabd3_zSafe Lifting Techniques:
If you are a driver who only handles no-touch freight you don’t have to concern yourself with safe lifting techniques. However, delivery drivers who must handle their own freight including lifting and stocking freight must be concerned. Also, flatbed drivers who have to regularly adjust tarps, etc. must concern themselves with safe lifting techniques. Truck driver training courses and trucking company policies typically address these issues and provide the best course of action for the type of freight involved.

There are numerous benefits of exercise according to the Centers For Disease Control. Exercise is important for the overall health of truck drivers. Yoga or stretching are excellent techniques which may prevent lower back pain and greatly aid back health. Many truck drivers benefit from doing a few basic exercises including those designed to stretch and strengthen the back and supporting muscles. These exercises may be repeated as needed throughout the day. It is a good idea to take a few minutes to stretch each time you get out of the truck. You may receive tremendous benefits from doing so.

Caution: This post is for informational purposes only. As each person is different you are advised to check with your health practitioner prior to doing any exercises to make sure they are right for you to do. Please consult with a professional who can help create an exercise program for you based on your specific needs. This is especially important if you already have a back injury and you are trying to strengthen your back.