Portable Exercise Equipment For Truck Drivers

Truck Drivers are aware of the fact that their health is suffering due to both bad food habits and a lack of exercise. Many of these drivers realize that they must take steps to improve their health. Exercises for truck drivers are important for good health. Drivers realize that they should make the effort to exercise at least 15 minutes per day. The following is an alphabetical list of some of these best types of portable exercise equipment that truck drivers, travelers and others can use to obtain great results.

Adjustable Kettlebells:
kettlebells-150 The Kettlebell is a very versatile piece of equipment and is a good piece of equipment to have for strength and endurance. They are being used by professional athletes, the U.S. military, law enforcement officers, fitness enthusiasts and others. An adjustable kettlebell is made to allow more or less weight to be added to the kettlebell to obtain the weight you want for specific exercises. This saves money because you don’t have to buy several kettlebells. It also saves space which makes it easy to accommodate in a truck.

Bicycles: Specifically folding bicycles are bicycles which are designed to fold into a compact form which facilitates their transport and storage. They are expensive but their advantage is that when folded they can be stored in compact living quarters such as the living quarters of a truck.


Stress Balls: stress-balls-(150)1141hc8mVa9ELThese are very small balls known as stress relievers because they reduce overall stress and anxiety. They distress hands, build strength, build strength and flexibility in the hands. They also help build strength in the arms. They are safe and can very effectively be used to help to relieve anxiety and tension in the hands and shoulders. The repetitive act of driving as truck drivers must do for so many hours of the day can create muscular soreness and stiffness in the hands and shoulders. Using stress balls can relieve some of this tension. Stress balls are used by just squeezing them rhythmically. Experiment with different strokes and speeds and you will soon find out what works best for you.

Dumbbells: These are free weights which are used in weight training to strengthen muscles. Dumbbell exercises form an integral part of most strength training programs. They can be used either individually or in pairs using one in each hand. Dumbbells which are free weights activate small stabilizing muscle groups to control the exercise.

This is different from resistance machines which tend to work muscle groups in very strict planes of movement. Dumbbell exercises can be used to develop a more balanced physique than using resistance machines.

Resistance bands: These are essentially giant rubber bands that you pull against to strengthen specific muscle groups. Resistance bands like dumbbells are used in strength training exercise. Resistance bands are lighter and more portable than dumbbells.

Pedometers: These are small pager-sized devices worn on your belt that records the number of steps you take based on your body’s movement. Analog pedometers measure steps. The recommended number of steps is 10,000 steps per day. Digital models although more expensive track the distance you walk and the number calories burned. However, keep in mind the calorie counters are often inaccurate. Be sure to secure the pedometer so it isn’t dropped. If you want to know the distance as well as the number of steps you’ve taken you can calibrate the pedometer.

10,000 steps a day which is about five miles is recommended for general health
12,000-15,000 steps a day is recommended for successful, sustained weight loss
3,000 of the steps should be fast.

Rebounders: These are mini trampolines which provide an excellent health and workout for anyone including truck drivers. They provide a cellular workout which strengthens the immune system as well as a cardiovascular workout. Some truckstops have running trails, but many don’t. A rebounder allows someone to get an equivalent running workout without suffering injuries because the rebounder absorbs 7/8% of the shock to the skeletal system. Folding rebounders are available which makes them very portable. Air One offers both a half-fold model and a quarter-fold model. Folding rebounders for truckers easily fit into a truck and are easy to use.

Running Shoes:
These are specifically designed for runners and should be used by all runners. Running shoes are made to absorb shock and motion. However, they should also be flexible and durable. You should get the best shoe which meets your needs and is within your price range. There is no best running shoe. Every runner is different and each brand and model is different.

The Fit of the shoe is very important. It is important that they fit well immediately. When trying on shoes allow a full thumb width between the end of the longest toe and the end of the shoe. Try on several pairs for fit and comfort. Shoes should be comfortable the first day you wear them. Don’t buy a pair too small with the intention of breaking them in. If in doubt on a size it is best to buy the larger size.

There are two types of running shoes. Road running shoes are designed for running on pavement. They are light and flexible and made to cushion or stabilize feet during repetitive strides on hard, even surfaces.

Trail running shoes are beefed-up running shoes which are designed for off-road routes. Unless you plan to running among rocks or other obstacles during runs, the road running shoes should be sufficient.