OOIDA – Medical Insurance For Truck Drivers

Medical insurance is often too expensive for independent truck drivers and small fleet owners. The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) offers health insurance plans at group rates to OOIDA members. OOIDA is the international trade association representing the interests of commercial truck drivers, independent owner-operators and small fleet owners on all issues that affect truckers. Over 150,000 Canadians and Americans are members of OOIDA. They own and/or operate over 240,000 individual heavy-duty trucks and small truck fleets. OOIDA is a company which fights for the rights of all professional truckers. It is a member organization which requires a very nominal annual fee to join. This membership affords you a wide range of benefits. Among them are medical benefits.

The Medical Benefits Groups of OOIDA offers health and life benefits for you and your family. Each of these benefits have been carefully selected and tailored to meet your needs. They offer the most comprehensive and affordable benefits available on the market. Additionally, they are continuously searching for new products to make sure that its members have the best possible protection.

Doctor greating patient

The medical benefits available are as follows:

  • Free Prescription Pharmacy Card
  • OOIDA Advantage Schedules Medical Benefit Plan
  • OOIDA Accidental and Dismemberment Plan
  • OOIDA Occupational Accident Plans
  • OOIDA Voluntary Group Short Term Disability Plan
  • OOIDA Group Dental Benefit Plans
  • OOIDA Group Life Insurance
  • OOIDA Voluntary Vision Care Plan

Like other insurance plans you can choose a high deductible plan to keep the premium low or you can choose a low deductible plan with a higher premium. When you begin searching for a company to provide your health insurance you would do well to consider OOIDA.

OOIDA has a new plan called “My Community Care”. This is not an insurance plan, but rather a membership program which provides medical care for injuries or illnesses as well as preventive health and wellness services. This health care plan is available to commercial truck drivers and their families.Truck drivers can become members of OOIDA for a very nominal fee. They can then become members of the “My Community Program” which gives the driver and their family access to a wide range of medical services.

Additional Services Include:

  • 24 hour nurse-doctors hotline
  • BioScrip discount Rx card
  • Diagnostic imaging and lab
  • Discount dental plan
  • Discount Chiropractic and physical therapy services
  • Preferred vision care-discount plan
  • Diabetic care supplies
  • Identity Theft Management Services

The member rate for this program is $89.00 per month. For this fee truck drivers and their families have unlimited visits for basic health services such as vaccinations, accidents, general care, preventive care, chiropractic care and a host of other services. Currently over 1,300 health care centers are participating in this program. Additional services are offered, some of which require a nominal fee. This is an excellent plan for drivers that don’t have any health insurance.