Ten Non-Trucking Jobs For Licensed CDL Drivers

There are many opportunities for CDL drivers that want non-trucking jobs. These could be newly licensed graduates, retired drivers or others that want to seek other opportunities in the trucking industry. Fortunately, there are many available opportunities in the trucking industry which gives drivers many options. A CDL is a very versatile document so use it for what works best for you.

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Here are 10 different non trucking jobs you may be qualified to get with your CDL:

1. Truck Driving instructor: Teaching jobs are available for those that want to train students to become CDL drivers. Trucking schools, community colleges, corporate training schools and some trucking companies train drivers. Good, patient instructors are needed to teach their students. Everyone learns at different rates so you must have the patience to work with drivers of different capabilities.  If you train your drivers well they will have good employment opportunities available to them. If you enjoy teaching and have the dedication and patience to work with students and their different personalities this could be an ideal job for you.

2. Commercial Truck Or Equipment Sales Person: These jobs typically require only a high school diploma or equivalent. Some but not all require applicants to have a CDL. Prior experience may be preferred but not necessarily required. You must be interested in sales and your own success. You must have a pleasant personality, good work ethics and the ability to close sales. Good verbal communication skills are a plus. For additional information on selling commercial trucks & tractors please check out this link on truck sales.

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3. Recruiter: Recruiters are needed for trucking companies, bus companies and other agencies that require licensed CDL drivers. Companies know that well trained drivers are an asset to their business. Companies desire to have good top-notch drivers on their staff. Your job as a recruiter is important because you will be recommending those applicants that you believe are best for the job. Their success in doing their jobs well is a great reflection on you and your ability to choose drivers wisely.

4. Supervisor: Your job as a supervisor can go very smoothly if you have good staff.  Good drivers are a must for companies because it reduces driver turnover as well as cut down on the number and frequency of accidents. If you notice that some drivers require more help than others you should be willing to help them without either of you developing an attitude. Drivers want to be trained well as it equips them to be professional and safe drivers on the road and helps to give your company a good reputation.

5. Commercial Bus Driver: If you enjoy working with people you might want to consider working for one of the nationwide bus companies.  If you choose to work for one of the nationwide bus companies you would need to be able to deal with unruly passengers, crying children at times or other unexpected things so you must be able to deal with these situations. Another possibly is driving for Charter bus companies. Charter bus drivers are also known as motor coach drivers. They transport people on chartered tours or trips. You also must have knowledge of the areas and amenities available to passengers as you may also serve as a tour guide. Tour bus drivers often find these jobs to be very pleasurable because the passengers are usually pleasant and enjoy the tour. Tour drivers must be able to keep the tour on schedule and account for all passengers because they often get out of the buses to take pictures and explore landmarks or other attractions. If you like working with children you might consider becoming a school bus driver. Every driver is different which is the reason you need to consider what type of bus driving job would work best for you.

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 6. Tractor Trailer or Bus Inspector. These jobs require a CDL in most states because you must be able to drive the vehicles and be able to properly inspect them. This enables you to detect any problems so the mechanics can repair the vehicles. You might also need to inspect the vehicles after the repairs are made to make sure the mechanics didn’t miss anything.

7. Tractor Trailer Technician: Some states may not require tractor trailer technicians to have a CDL but many do. Technicians do not haul loads with these trucks but they are responsible for repairing them. Companies that maintain fleets of trucks or buses require good teams of semi-truck technicians to keep their vehicles in good condition. Having good working vehicles is a vital part of the trucking industry for the safety of the drivers and others on the road.

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8. Personnel Supervisor: Once you become very knowledgeable about the trucking industry and gain experience you can move up to the role of supervising others. This would require you to directly oversee the daily activities of the company. This includes the workload and personnel of those companies that depend upon the use of vehicles to meet the needs of their normal operations.

 9. Transportation Supervisor: The job of a transportation supervisor directly oversees the daily activities and workload of those that depend on good working vehicles for their various operations.  Transportation supervisors are vital in maintaining maximum operational efficiency while also minimizing costs. Companies that hire transportation supervisors include a variety of companies such as government agencies, manufactures, freight companies, food and beverage companies to name a few.

10. Terminal Manager: Truck terminal managers are employed by transit companies to oversee the operations of the terminals. Many terminal managers actually starting working for trucking companies as truck drivers. The duties may vary from company to company but they typically involve coordinating freight. This includes verifying and reviewing paperwork. This would also include bills of lading and other paperwork needed for the job. Each job would would be different so the requirements for those jobs would vary depending upon the employer. Some companies may require a bachelors degree but others may put more emphasis on actual experience. You should have a good understanding of the trucking industry to be effective at this type of job. It may be beneficial if you have verifiable experience in supply chain management. It also helps if you have good communication and negotiating skills. The better prepared you are for the job will enable you to be a valued employee.