Truck Drivers Increasingly Use Mobile Apps To Find Jobs

Trucking companies want to hire truck drivers. They want drivers to be able to search for jobs  in the easiest, most convenient way for them to do so. One way for them to do this is through the use of mobile apps. This enables drivers to conveniently and easily research career opportunities and submit their applications.

Mobile applications also referred to as mobile apps are applications developed for small handheld devices. These devices can be Blackberries, smartphones, PDA’s, and other mobile devices. Many mobile apps come preloaded on the respective devices. Users can also download apps from the Internet or app stores.

Mobile apps have become very popular as the majority of people worldwide have computer access. More are more people are conducting their business online or on mobile devices. This includes purchasing goods and services. Currently, more apps are being developed for the trucking industry., a division of Dominion Enterprises, will introduce innovative mobile advertising products to companies and employers at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY from March 21-23. The release coincides with the anniversary of its mobile-optimized website.

Last year, unveiled its mobile-optimized site at the world’s largest heavy-duty trucking event, setting the stage for others to follow. Its mobile products are designed to seamlessly connect job seekers and employers in the trucking and transportation industry. Companies will be able to initiate a specific search while promoting their brand, products and services to an expanding mobile audience. By using this technology to stimulate interaction, companies extend their reach and stand out from competitors.

“From electronic logging devices to onboard computers, trucking is a technology-driven industry,” said Business Development Manager Denise Tanner. “Our solutions drive new leads and connect employers with the talent they seek. We put companies where 7 out of 10 job searches occur—on mobile devices. If a business does not have a mobile-optimized site, we can help them make the shift to mobile.”

According to Gartner, a leading information technology research and advisory company, mobile advertising should be integrated into a company’s overall marketing campaign to reach their target audience in very specific ways through smart phones and tablets. Vice President/General Manager Chris Baker said mobile advertising will give companies a tremendous advantage as mobile technology gains momentum in the trucking industry.

“We are leading the way by providing a cost-effective solution to help employers successfully fill their driver or mechanic positions. We also offer job seekers the convenience of using a mobile device to access career resources and apply for current employment opportunities within trucking and transportation. Mid-America Trucking Show is the ideal forum for this product showcase,” Baker added. read more here:

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