Maverick Transportation – A Favorite Of Flatbed Truck Drivers

Maverick Transportation is a nationwide trucking company which is a division of Maverick USA. Maverick USA. includes Maverick Transportation, LLC. Maverick Logistics, LLC, and Maverick Leasing, LLC.  Maverick USA offers many services including transportation, brokerage, consignment warehousing and storage. Maverick continues to expand their services. The brokerage division hires independent truckers to haul loads directly for them. Carriers that have their own operating authority can contract with Maverick to haul loads for them. They offer good freight and options for carriers to receive their payments quickly.

canstockphoto man (250)Maverick Transportation began in 1980 as one of the first companies which seized the opportunity to embark on the recently deregulated trucking industry, thanks to the enactment of the Motor Carrier Act. Since its founding this company has grown from a one room office to a major fleet with over 1,200 trucks. This company’s growth is attributed to what Steve Williams, one of the founders of Maverick calls the “Maverick Way” which is doing what you say you will do with integrity, respect and commitment. Maverick is a company centered in the values of integrity, respect and commitment.

Maverick Transportation is a privately held company headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas. In addition to the corporate office, Maverick has regional offices and terminals in Madison, Illinois, Middletown, Ohio, Gary, Indiana, Green Bay Wisconsin, Laurinburg, North Carolina and Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Maverick is a company which is committed to excellence and places great  emphasis on safety which includes truck driver safety and the general public. Maverick has invested millions of dollars in equipment and keeping vehicles in safe operating condition. Maverick is also concerned about environmental issues. Maverick Transportation offers a variety of truck driver jobs  as they have dry van, temperature controlled and flatbed divisions. Maverick also has long-haul, regional, local and dedicated routes.

Maverick Transportation offers excellent benefits which include medical and dental benefits, tarp pay, paid life insurance and 401(k) retirement Plans. Also, students are paid a very generous salary during training and orientation.

Maverick has a student training program which offers additional training for newly licensed or veteran CDL drivers. They offer flatbed training to drivers who don’t have flatbed experience or drivers who need extra flatbed training, but otherwise meet their employment requirements.  The training program teaches them how to drive and operate the different types of trailers that they use. All drivers receive load securement training and participate in a safety orientation program before being assigned to a truck and trailer.

Maverick Transportation is a leader in the flatbed trucking, having made its name and built its reputation in the flatbed industry. Maverick Transportation has a variety of specialized flatbed trailers for different purposes. Flatbed trailers typically haul products like construction materials, building materials, and other products which require flatbed trailers. A variety of truck driver jobs are available both for flatbed drivers and non-flatbed drivers.

Step Deck trailers which are lower than standard flatbed trailers and are used for hauling large items. Step deck trailers are considered to be one of the most versatile types of trailers used in specialized transportation. The main deck of a step deck is approximately 20 inches lower than the deck behind the 5th wheel which allows over-height loads to be transported safely.

Double Drop trailers like stepdeck trailers are also built to accommodate taller shipments. They are able to carry cargo with a shipping height of 12ft.  The distance from the group up to the top of the lower, middle deck is approximately 18 inches.

Removable Gooseneck trailers are used for hauling large heavy loads with a removable gooseneck with a connector which allows the loads to be easily releasable.  Removable gooseneck trailers can be either single gooseneck or double gooseneck.

Pneumatic trailers are trailers which either the brakes or suspension or both are operated by compressed air usually supplied by a compressor on the tractor unit and connected to the trailer by push fit coupling hoses.

Maverick Transportation offers excellent benefits which include medical and dental benefits, tarp pay, paid life insurance and 401(k) retirement Plans. Also, students are paid a very generous salary during training and orientation.

Maverick has the reputation of being a good solid company which provides excellent training and equipment.  Maverick Transportation hires company drivers and owner/operators. They also have a truck leasing program available. Drivers who choose truck driver careers with Maverick will enjoy a family like atmosphere, good support, recognition for a job well done and excellent pay and benefits.