Team Truck Driving – Trucking With My Honey

Truck Driving is one of the best jobs in the world for traveling around the country while earning money. Couples working as a team enjoy the benefits of earning money and seeing the county while having their sweetheart with them. Trucking appeals not only to young drivers, but to older drivers as well. Many couples whose children are grown are happy to have the freedom to be on the road. Retired couples are also very attracted to truck driving.

Eleanor and Cecil are a young couple from Minnesota. They were high school sweethearts. Cecil was 25 years old when he got his CDL License and began longhaul driving. He enjoyed driving and was earning good money. However, he would only be home an average of two to three days per week. This was causing some stress in their relationship.

However, Eleanor upon realizing how much Cecil enjoyed the road, decided to look into driving herself. She was working a local job on a fulltime basis. She decided to enroll in the truck driving training program at her local community college. She worked her regular job during the day and went to truck driving school at night. A few months later, she took and passed the CDL License Exam, quit her day job and was hired by the same company as Cecil. They began driving as a team.

They have been working together for the past five years and are very happy with their relationship, the money they’ve been able to save and the plans that they are making for their future. They are looking forward to starting a family at which time Eleanor says she will take a break from driving to become a full time homemaker.

George and Sandra are a couple in their mid forties. George had been driving since he was about 28 years old. Sandra decided to join him once their children were grown and out of the house. Initially, she was just going to ride along with him. However, at some point she decided that she could drive herself. George taught her during breaks on the road. And when they returned to their hometown, she took the CDL License Exam and became a driver right along with him. They are thoroughly enjoying their time together on the road and plan to continue doing so until they retire.

Maurice and Cindy are a Midwestern farming couple. They have worked as team driving for years. However, they only drive half of the year. They work on the farm during the growing season and drive the rest of the months. They are able to earn enough money from driving six months of the year to pay their bills for the entire year. They call this the perfect life.

Retired couples go into trucking as the beginning of a new adventure. They may take grandkids along with them and all enjoy a grand adventure of seeing the country while earning money along the way.

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