Women Truck Drivers – How Women Were Influenced By Ice Road Truckers

The television program “Ice Road Truckers” has had quite an impact on women, particularly young women. Ice Road Truckers is a reality program which depicts truckers driving on winter roads also known as ice roads in Alaska and the Northwest Territories of Canada. These roads are actually seas or rivers which have frozen over and which require courage and great skills to successfully cross. It is a dangerous, treacherous job, certainly not for the faint of heart. Truckers are actually only able to drive these roads a few months each year.

Lisa_Kelly_ (250)Men and woman alike are fascinated seeing the truck drivers successfully drive over these frozen lakes. The trucking industry is still predominately a man’s world. Approximately 5% of the nation’s truckers are women. Some young women had never actually seen females driving big rigs until they saw them on “Ice Road Truckers.” Most drivers on the program are men which is indicative of the actual truck driving population. It has been known for years that women can drive trucks as well as men. Actually seeing them on “Ice Road Truckers” enabled everyone to see the capability of women for themselves.

Men and women alike were impressed with the skills the women possessed. They concluded that women truckers were not only beautiful but quite capable of driving big rigs. Seeing women handling those trucks on dangerous roads showcased  their excellent driving skills. Many people concluded that women were bold, capable, and professional and able to do their jobs as well or better than men.

Karen, a 22 year old former high school cheerleader says that “Ice Road Truckers” directly influenced her decision to become a truck driver. She says she and her friends thoroughly enjoyed watching Lisa Kelly on the program. Karen decided that she too was up to the challenge of handling a big rig. She currently drives for a nationwide trucking company and is thoroughly enjoying her job.

Maria, a 19 year old recent high school graduate says Lisa Kelly of “Ice Road Truckers” was her role model. Despite objections of her family she chose to drive a truck rather than attend college. She is currently driving a local delivery truck, but it looking forward to the day when she can get her CDL and drive nationwide. She plans to eventually buy her own truck and serve as a mentor to other young women.

A trucking career may be stressful and dangerous. In fact it is hard work which requires miles of driving in addition to drivers having to contend with various weather conditions and pick-up and delivery schedules. The life of an over the road truck driver can be quite lonely as it requires drivers to be away from friends and families for the majority of the time. Even the long hours involved in trucking has not deterred some women from considering careers in the trucking industry.

Women are taking charge of their careers. They are setting goals and breaking barriers. Career opportunities are readily available for qualified women who are serious about their careers. These women can also serve as role models for other young women.