Truck Driver Health – A Healthy Heart Could Possibly Prevent Cancer

Truck drivers have high rates of heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer including prostate cancer. They are also known to have a lower level of health than workers of many other occupations. They are also believed to be at higher risk of heart disease and prostate cancer than non-truck drivers. This is due primarily due to the lifestyle of commercial truck drivers.

A typical truck driver dies years earlier than a non-truck driver of the same age. Truck drivers, especially longhaul drivers have a unique situation in that they drive so many hours each day and are limited in where they can eat and relax. This limits them to eating meals primarily at truckstop restaurants.


A primary requirement of good health is to have access to good quality food. Truck drivers are limited primarily to consuming the limited food options served at truckstops. These often include foods which are rich, high fat and greasy. Some of these truckstops are now offering fish and meats cooked in healthier ways. Some truckstops also offer limited amounts fresh fruits and vegetables. Some of these vegetables may even have been grown hydroponically. However, most of the food served at truckstops represents the less healthy food options.

Many healthy foods for the heart are the same foods that improve health of the prostate gland.  These include foods such as fish, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. These foods are not limited to simply providing benefits for heart and prostate health, but they benefit a person’s overall health.

Another important component of good health is exercise. Truck drivers know they should exercise. However, far too many of them say they are too tired to do so. They often think of exercise as a chore. Exercise should not be looked upon as a chore. The benefits of physical exercise are numerous. Exercise can help one lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. It can also drastically reduce stress levels.

One very important benefit of exercise is that it boosts the body’s immune system. Exercise increases circulation in the body. In increasing circulation in the body it automatically circulates natural killer cells in the body. Killer cells work to kill viruses, bacteria and increase the body’s resistance to developing diseases.

The combined benefits of healthy foods and exercise can go a long way towards improving health. Ideally, you should exercise 15-30 minutes daily five days weekly. Healthy foods and exercise may even help prevent cancer

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