Flatbed Truck Driving Jobs

Flatbed trucking is in great demand.  Flatbed truck driving involves pulling specialized trailers called flatbeds. Flatbed trucks can transport freight that other vehicles cannot.  A flatbed truck also referred to as a flatbed trailer has an open body in the form of a platform. The platform is open and does not have a roof or sides.

Flatbed trucks and trailers can be used for local or longhaul trucking. There are a wide variety of items that can be shipped using flatbed trailers. Items that are shipped in flatbeds include vehicles, houses, heavy machinery, construction materials, etc. There are several uses for flatbeds trailers. This  includes oversized load transport, vehicle transport, towing and much more.


Flatbed trucking is very labor intensive. It  takes far much more physical effort to pull flatbeds then  to pull dry vans  This is due to the fact that flatbeds are open as opposed to vans  which are closed. It is mandatory that these loads be secured correctly to reduce the risk of accidents. This requires  truck drivers to secure their loads by hand using straps or tarps. This is physically demanding and oftentimes requires a great deal of strength and pressure to do it correctly. Furthermore, flatbed truckers must regularly stop to check their loads to make sure the freight is secure as it can shift during transport.

Flatbed trucking can be dangerous as there are several ways that you can injure yourself. If you must tarp loads this requires you to climb on top of trailers and loads. This can cause you to slip or fall. Windy weather conditions are even more dangerous as these conditions require even more effort to tarp and secure loads. Tarps are made of plastic or similar materials. In windy conditions tarps can be almost impossible to control. The wind can easily take control and cause them to flop around. You could even be knocked down yourself.

Determining your suitability for flatbed trucking will depend upon your personality and skills. Some drivers enjoy flatbed trucking precisely because it requires them to use physical labor. They say it gives them a good workout. In fact, many of these drivers consider pulling vans to be boring. Other drivers want no part of flatbed trucking. They prefer no touch freight. These drivers simply want to pick up their loads and deliver them to their destination.

Flatbed drivers receive specialized training to learn how to haul flatbed loads.This may be taught in truck driving schools or other training facilities.  Many trucking companies also provide on the job training. The demand for flatbed truck drivers is expected to grow steadily. Consequently, trucking companies are always looking for drivers willing to take up the challenge of hauling flatbed trailers. However, it is not a career  for everyone. Therefore, you should carefully consider your options before making a decision to haul flatbed loads.

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