Expedited Trucking

Expedited trucking refers to time critical trucking service. This means delivering time sensitive freight as quickly as possible. These loads cost more to shippers and pay premium rates as well as a higher per mile pay rate to truckers. Expedite trucking is sometimes referred to as Hot Shot. Companies hire expedite truckers for fast deliveries on their freight. Oftentimes, this is when items are needed by customers in emergencies or other urgent situations.

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When there comes a time for critical shipments, many companies decide to utilize expedited trucking. Expedited trucking is a service that is used when goods are needed A.S.A.P. on a short and need to arrive at the destination as quickly as possible. In other words, the customer needs the products fast, quick and in a hurry. There are various services available with expedited trucking, such as same day and next day delivery, and time definite delivery, which enable customers to choose the time which they would like to, get the goods delivered. To expedite something means to accelerate or to quicken something and that is what expedited trucking is. With expedited trucking, there is no need for customers to worry about their orders arriving on time. They can be assured that their order will be delivered in a prompt and timely manner. This is crucial in emergency situations and is what expedited trucking is all about.

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The primary benefit to shippers or other customers requesting expedited trucking is the fast delivery. For one, there is the assurance that your package will arrive to the destination on time. With regular shipping, there is only the estimate time of delivery, and even then, it is not guaranteed that the package will get there in that time frame. There can be delays with shipping, and the package can get caught up in the transportation process. With expedited shipping, there is no estimated time for the package to arrive, there is a guaranteed time. This service is especially useful in emergencies and critical situations when a package absolutely has to be at its destination at a specific time. Exclusive vehicles designated especially for expedited trucking are used. No matter how large or small the load or package may be, there will be a truck dedicated specifically to that shipment. With expedited trucking, shippers and other customers can have the assurance of their freight arriving as quickly as possible.

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Expedited trucking requires higher shipping prices. So customers must expect to pay more than what normal shipping would cost and gladly do so. The primary concern of those requesting expedited services is not the cost, but rather the knowledge that their freight will be delivered as soon as possible.

Expedited trucking companies provide jobs for both company drivers and owner/operators. Some nationwide trucking companies have divisions especially set up to handle expedited freight. Truck drivers wanting transport expedited loads can choose from a variety of good companies to work for. A few of the nationwide expedited trucking companies are as follows:

1. Fed. Ex. Custom Critical
2. Conway Truckload
3. Old Dominion Freight Line
4. Schneider National

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Owner/Operators can be very successful running their own expedited trucking businesses. Truckers can operate with a cargo van, straight truck, 18 wheelers, flatbed truck or a temperature controlled unit. You can operate with one truck or several. Whatever type of vehicles you decide to use, you must have a good overall plan for your business. This includes having a well thought out business plan. It is important to determine the types of cargo you plan to transport as well as the geographical area in which you plan to operate. This will of course vary depending upon the type of vehicle(s) you have or plan to have.

You must successfully market yourself to be able to get freight. This could include contacting various companies including both for-profit and nonprofit prospects. Also, you could choose to use various freight matching services to get loads. Also, it is vitally important that you have the proper insurance and licenses in place for your business.

Truck drivers should be aware that expedited shipments may be sporadic and drivers may be on standby for few days before obtaining loads. However, there may also be times when they will run non-stop for weeks. Truck drivers can also haul less than truckload freight and regular freight if expedite shipments are not available. This will help to keep trucks busy.

An advantage of owning your own trucking company is that you can choose to be out of service for a period of time. You can take days, weeks or months off. The choice is entirely yours. Also, you could choose to handle regular freight as your basic business and take expedited shipments when excellent opportunities arise.

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