Tow Truck Drivers – Equipment Safety

Tow truck drivers rescue stranded motorists. Motorists expect the tow truck to be in good working order and expect the tow truck driver to be pleasant and efficient. Therefore, tow truck drivers must be sure to keep their trucks and other related equipment in good condition. Otherwise, they are subject to experience mechanical breakdowns or other problems with their truck which could hinder them from being able to properly do their jobs. Schools which teach tow truck driver training teach students how to do a proper inspection of the truck. Safety inspection procedures may vary from company to company so you should follow the procedures set by your company.

Tow Truck Inspection

The first duty of every truck driver is to inspect the truck and related equipment before taking it on the road. This should be done each and every day without exception. Trucking companies have their own safety check lists and their instructions should be followed. If there are any problems they should be noted. Typically, some items you will be required to check are the tires to make sure they are in good condition and properly inflated. You should inspect chains to be sure they are not bent, stretched or have hammered links. You should inspect hooks on the truck. You should also make sure that the security pins are not bent or falling out. You will also need to check the utility body and repair broken bolts, stress fractures and cracked welds. If the problems are significant enough to create any problems the truck should not be driven until the repairs are made. Those drivers who own their own tow truck business should have their own truck safety check procedure.

Tow Truck Equipment Inspection

It is important to inspect your truck’s equipment before starting a job. This should include all chains that are used on the truck. The truck’s winch and cable system must be regularly lubricated and clean. They should be regularly checked to be sure they are in good working order. The battery should be periodically tested and replaced if necessary to avoid being stranded.

Equipment Rating and Capacity

You should know both the equipment rating and the capacity of your truck. Failure to do so may cause you to overload the truck which could lead to an accident. You should know the height of your truck. This is important because it could enable you to avoid an accident by trying to go under overpasses and bridges that is too low.

Loading the Vehicle

You must be able to hook a disabled vehicle safely onto the bed of the truck to be able to tow it safely. Because tow trucks and equipment vary your employer will advise you as to how that want it done. Towing companies train their drivers so you can be assured that you are doing your job the way they want it done.

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