DAC Reports

Walmarts Full (200) Hybrid semi truck 5261671664_3e86d9d15f_oMost major trucking companies will request the drivers DAC Report as part of a preliminary screening procedure. DAC stands for “Drive-A-Check.” A DAC Report consists of two parts. The first part of the report is your Motor Vehicle Report referred to as MVR. The second part is your work record as reported by your employers.

HireRight is the name of the company which collects the information trucking companies submit to them on their drivers. The information is compiled on a database and sold as a DAC Report. HireRight also obtains and reports other information in addition to your employment history.A DAC Report contains the following information:

Motor Vehicle Records
Social Security Number verification
Credit Reports
Criminal Records
Drug/Alcohol Test Histories
Workers compensation History Reports
Injury Reports
Number of Accidents
Traffic Violations

The DAC employment report is a detailed summary of a trucker’s work history in the trucking industry. This information is compiled from information trucking companies submit about their truckers. Most companies share information about their truckers. THE DAC Report employment history report contains the following categories of information:

Identification of Driver (name, social security number, license number and date of birth)
Identification of contributing company (name, address, phone number and date contributed)
Period of Service (Month/year)
Types of Commodities hauled
Types of trailers pulled (e.g.,dry box, reefer, etc.)
Driver Status (e.g.,company driver, owner operator, etc.)
Driver Experience (e.g.,single driver, team driver, etc.)
Types of loads hauled (e.g.,general commodity, hazardous materials, etc.)
Work record (e.g.,satisfactory, marginal, etc.)
Reason for leaving (e.g.,driver quit or discharged, etc.)
Eligibility for rehire

It is very important that drivers know what is on their DAC Report. Negative, inaccurate, false, or inconsistent information could potentially disqualify a driver from being able to get a job.It could even cause them to be terminated from a newly hired job. Some trucking companies hire drivers first and run DAC Reports later.

As a Consumer Reporting Agency, DAC Reports are regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting ACT as are the Consumer Credit Reports. The Fair Credit Report Act is designed to protect your rights whenever you apply for a job or credit.

Consumer Rights

Some of your rights are as follows:
The right to obtain a free annual report. You may also receive a free report at other times such as if you were denied employment due to information contained on your DAC Report.

The right to know who has seen your report during the previous two years.

The right to dispute any item on the report.

Drivers should periodically check their DAC report for errors and in fact should be diligently about doing so. False or incorrect information should be disputed. Trucking companies often report false or inaccurate information to DAC and many drivers careers have been ruined as a result. False or incorrect information submitted to HireRight could affect you employment prospects for ten years.

If you see false or incorrect information on your DAC Report you should dispute the report. If the company is unwilling to correct the information you might want to get help including possibly hiring an attorney to help you. If you hire an attorney, make sure the law firm has experience dealing with issues affecting truckers.

The customer service for DAC is: 800-381-0645
The fax number is: 918-664-5520

To request a report, you may mail in a Consumer Report Request Form or you can request your free DAC report from HireRight online: http://www.hireright.com/Disputes/Report.aspx

You can dispute false or incorrect information on your DAC report yourself
online: Http://www.hireright.com/Disputes/

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