Crete Carrier Corporation – A Trucking Company That Cares And Takes Care Of Employees


Crete Carrier is known as the Employer Who Cares. Crete Carrier was founded in l966 is a top trucking committed to providing good quality service. They offer a variety of services which include dry van service, flatbed trucks, long haul fleets and food and temperature-sensitive shipments. Crete Carrier hires drivers for several truck driving jobs. This includes National, Regional, Home Weekly, Dedicated and Teams.


Crete Carrier Corporation consist of three companies. They are Crete Carrier, Hunt Transportation and Shaffer Trucking. Crete Carrier’s largest division is the dry van division. This division consist of over 4100 tractors and over 10,000 trailers. This division transports general commodities such as paper products, soft drinks, toys, etc.

Hunt Transportation which is part of Crete Carrier handles the flatbed division. This division consist of over 260 tractors and over 600 trailers. This division transports building materials, agricultural materials and any other product which needs to be shipped by flatbed. This would also include the transport of any material needing to be shipped on curtain van, single dropped and detached and stretch-flat type tractors.

Shaffer Trucking handles the refrigerated division. This division has over 1100 tractors and over 2700 trailers. This would include the shipment of foods and flowers which need to be refrigerated as well as frozen foods like ice cream which need to be kept frozen. These units are temperature controlled based on the products being hauled. The union of these three companies represent a formitable force in the trucking industry.

Crete Carrier definitely cares about its employees. It sees to it that its employees are happy with the positions they hold in the company. It has an extremely low turnover rate which is also an indication that its employees are satisfied with their jobs. Crete Carrier places great emphasis on truck driver safety. Crete Carrier seeks to hire drivers with a proven safety record, over the road experience and a stable job history. Crete Carrier has a pro-labor stance and treats its employees in a very humane manner. Many truck drivers seeking excellent  truck driver careers look to Crete. Most of its professional drivers happily serve Crete Carrier for a number of years. Many of these drivers worked right up until they retire.

Crete Carrier, Shaffer Trucking and Hunt Transportation have been named among Top Pay Carriers by National Transportation Institute, publishers of the National Survey of Driver Wages. To earn this award, a carrier must qualify in three critical categories: top tier pay, benefits and carrier stability. All three companies ranked in the highest group for driver pay and benefits while Crete ranked in the highest group for financial stability.

Crete Carrier has excellent programs which are designed to train and transition military individuals into the trucking industry. One is the Military Program which seeks the make the transition from military life to civilian life as easy as possible by providing those veterans with driving experience special training for a new career. Drivers wanting to enroll in this program must have a Class A CDL License, be honorably discharged, have 2 years of Active Duty Military experience in the last 5 years and have one year of military semi-tractor/trailer combination experience. Drivers chosen will be compensated with a handsome weekly salary and practical mile pay once the program is completed.

Civilian on February 28, 2012 named Crete Carrier Corporation as a finalist for the 2012 Most Valuable Employers (MVE) for Military®. These positions are not only for drivers, but office and shop workers as well. They strive to match each employee with the right position in the company. Their stated goal for 2012 is to help provide this transition for more than 500 military individuals. Crete Carrier offers other military-specific benefits as well. These include home time for weekend drill and annual training for Guard and Reserve members. Carrier also offers extended benefits during deployment.

The Kellogg Company named Crete Carrier as the recipient of their 2011 National Carrier of the Year award. The Kellogg Company awards one national carrier per year and Crete was named for this prestigious title. The National Carrier of the Year Award has specific criterion defined by seven metrics: This includes On-Time Delivery, EDI Compliance, Invoice Accuracy, Percentage of Claims, Safety, Facility Survey and On-Time Delivery. Through this award, Crete Carrier shows that it manages its business well, paying attention to all details. This is also an indication that its employees work as a team to get the best possible results in all areas of the business.

Crete Carrier makes a concerted effort to make it known to their employees that it values them. In fact it realizes that its employees are its best assets. It is the efforts of its employees through their concerted efforts, that they can bring to realization and sustain the company’s vision, mission and goals. The management and other workers follow and implement the adopted policies. As a result, there are more profits for the company which trickle down to the employees. Additionally, another factor which demonstrates that Crete Carrier puts a premium value on its workers are the comprehensive pay packages and exceptional benefit packages it provides to its employees. Its principles speak highly of the company’s fair and ethical treatment of its workers and clients. It has gone beyond compliance to adhere to government rules and regulations.

Through its very competitive benefit package which enables its workers to have a work-life balance and to have the financial capability of caring for their families which includes their health, academic, rest and recreational needs. Benefits include medical, dental, vision and life insurance plans. Another benefit is the short term disability package fully paid for by the company. An additional benefit is its retirement program which has a two-pronged approach. First, Crete Carrier matches the amount contributed by the worker which is known as the 401 (k) Savings Plan. Secondly, there is the Profit Sharing program in which the company allocated a certain amount from its annual earnings to the workers profit sharing account. From this relationship, it can be seen clearly that there exist mutual trust between them.

Crete Carrier has much to offer to both employees and clients. Its openness and fair dealing with all have earned the public’s trust. Good candidates for employment seek to be employed there. Businesses requiring trucking services often seek out the services of Crete Carrier. Clients want to get the services of a trusted company which can deliver on promises. Employees want to be treated fairly and valued for the work that they do for the company. Crete Carrier appears to deliver on all counts. You might want to consider Crete Carrier as your employer of choice.