Car Haulers – How They Are Used To Transport Vehicles Throughout The Unitied States And The World

Car haulers are used to transport automobiles or other vehicles across the country. Many of the car hauler companies are small companies operated by owner/operator truck drivers. Many of these small trucking companies may own and operate from one to three car haulers. Car haulers can be the entire focus of their trucking company or they can be used for diversification. Car haulers can also be large companies with 10 or more trucks.

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The Auto Transport Industry consists of more than 5,000 Car Hauler companies. This does not include the numerous car towing companies that also haul vehicles. Car hauler trailers that accommodate only one car at a time can be hauled by tow trucks, pick-up trucks or vans. Car Hauler companies form the back bone of the Auto Transport Industry and perform the actual tasks of moving vehicles across the country. Car hauler trailers are available in various sizes and even custom sizes.

Car haulers provide a bigger weighing capacity for any company to transport cars and other types of vehicles to distant places. Prior to car haulers, transporting cars was a heavy endeavor because they had to be carried by small trucks and vans. Oftentimes, they were simply towed one by one. Car haulers can transport multiple vehicles at a time. Car haulers have made the job of transporting vehicles easier for the companies that transport them. They also provide a level of assurance for customers that their vehicles will be transported safely to their destination.

The most common type of car hauler is the 10-Car Open Carrier used for transporting automobiles. Semi-trucks are used to attach car haulers to a dual level. The cars shipped can be for one customer such as an automobile manufacturer shipping them to one or more locations or for different customers shipping vehicles to different destinations.

Enclosed car haulers are requested by customers wanting the best possible protection for their vehicles. Enclosed car carriers are hauled by semi-trucks. Vehicles transported can include expensive cars such as antiques cars, classic cars and even race cars. The cost for transporting vehicles in enclosed car haulers is more expensive than transporting them in open car carriers.

Flatbed carriers also haul vehicles. However, flatbed carriers typically haul trucks or recreational vehicles that can’t fit in either open car carriers or enclosed car carriers. Flatbed carriers can be hauled by either a pick-up truck or a semi-truck.

Cottrell is one of the largest over-the-road manufacturers that produce car transport equipment. Throughout the years, Cottrell has been known for producing the best automatic transport equipment in the market. Their products help car hauling companies maximize their ability to successfully run a car hauling business. The company works hard on engineering durable car haulers that can safely be used to transport vehicles safely over long distances. Cottrell indicates that its objective is to focus on producing products that not only meet, but exceeds the needs of their customers. Each customer is important be they a company which needs one vehicle or a large fleet hauler needing multiple vehicles.

There are different models of car haulers that you may find useful for your personal business. The most popular model is the side-frame stack hauler that comes with three sliding decks to fit more vehicles. This hauler’s wiring harness comes with a company seal that guarantees its quality and durability. It can carry a weight of 42,000 lbs. and up to 45,000 lbs.

Another model of car haulers is the quick-loader. This car hauler has the ability to efficiently load vehicles faster than the other models. If you expect to load multiple vehicles daily, then this car hauler is the best option you have.

Aside from the standard haulers, there are also metropolitan haulers available. Metropolitan car haulers are used for faster loading of cars and other types of vehicles. It is especially designed for companies who need to transport multiple vehicles daily in order to reach the deadline. Fast haulers are also helpful on delivering your manufactured cars to your customers faster.

The price of car haulers varies depending on the specific model that you choose. You can purchase one for as low as $7,000. If you want to save more, there are many companies out there who offer discounts if you are going to buy head ramps in the same company. Many companies also offer financing for the purchase of car hauler trailers.

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