Trucking Companies Are Working Hard to Attract Both Young Drivers & Retirees

Large numbers of truck drivers are reaching retirement age and retiring from their trucking jobs. The trucking industry is looking to hire young workers to replace the retiring drivers. Amidst this nationwide shortage of drivers, trucking companies are trying to make it a more appealing job. Companies are also seeking to employ retirees. Oftentimes, retirees look into trucking as an option because they have little to do and still want to be productive. This is especially true of those who enjoy driving and want to see the country.

Some companies are increasing the pay of drivers through signing bonuses or wage increases. Others are helping to pay the cost of driver training. Also, some companies will pay for the entire cost of attending truck driving school. However, this requires you to contract to work for them for a specific amount of time.

semi-truck-(250) px-MAZ-504_tractor-trailerThere are not a sufficient number of new truck drivers to replace the large number of truck drivers that are retiring. Although, a small number of retirees are entering the trucking industry, there are not a sufficient number of them to replace the numbers that are retiring. Additionally, truck drivers of retirement age are retiring each day of the week.

The trucking industry desperately needs more truck drivers and they are specifically looking at ways to attract young workers into the industry. New drivers are desperately needed.The current nationwide shortage of qualified truck drivers has forced trucking companies to look for ways to make a truck driver career a more appealing job.

There are many reasons it is difficult to attract your workers into the trucking industry. Truck driving can be a very difficult job. Nationwide truck drivers must be on the road for several days at a time. The enormous amount time spent away from home can take a toll on drivers and their families. Many trucking companies are addressing this issue by giving drivers more time home. Some companies indicate that they will get nationwide drivers home one day each week.

Low income is another factor in failing to attract sufficient workers. Some companies are offering generous signing bonuses. This is one way to increase the income of incoming workers. Some companies are offering improved benefit packages and other perks to attract drivers. It is hoped that these efforts will increase the number of younger workers to consider truck driving as a good career choice.

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